Année-Hoinville Immobilier
22 Avenue Michel d'Ornano
14910 Blonville-sur-Mer

02 31 87 90 13
Année-Hoinville Immobilier
48 Boulevard Fernand Moureaux
14360 Trouville-sur-Mer

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Since 1890

     The story begins in 1890 with the creation of HOINVILLE real estate agency, by Amand Hoinville, in a Benerville far from what it is today. 

Benerville, which was then only a small village of 160 inhabitants, oriented towards agricultural land. It was during this period that Amand Hoinville began to complement the horticultural activities with the beginnings of the profession of real estate agent.

HOINVILLE Real Estate agency.

At the beginning of 1900, the agency was located in the Côte de Benerville in front of the current avenue du Littorale. At the time, it was already the fastest road to reach the Cabourg and Deauville coast.

      In the 1920s, René Hoinville (Son of Amand) and his wife Fernande were among the main players in the cities of Benerville and Blonville, bringing the resort to life thanks to various local shops (The horticultural garden, the flower shop, the quarries of Mont Canisy), as well as the realization of major projects such as the construction of the Pavillon Fleuri. In the center of Blonville, the Pavillon Fleuri will host the agency's summer offices in 1925. From then on, the Hoinville family played a strong role in the activity and animation of these communes. True benevolent personalities and concerned about the well-being of the inhabitants, the generations follow each other and look alike. They settle in Benerville with their two children André and Colette. René had a wing built in 1925 in the annex to the dwelling house to accommodate his customers.


Born in 1895, she is the true founder of the family business, her kindness and business acumen continue to mark the minds of families established in Blonville for several generations. The exploitation of beach huts remains an anecdotal manifestation of his work, but today takes on an almost symbolic character of these years when the "Children's Paradise" was born.

     André, René's son, supports Fernande (his mother) after the war in the development of the Hoinville real estate agency. With the growing attractiveness of seaside resorts, the seasonal rental market is booming. It was during this period that Fernande, in addition to seasonal rentals, launched the beach huts at Blonville sur mer.

Colette Hoinville and Serge Année.

Following the death of André and Fernande, Colette and her husband Serge took the reins of the Hoinville agency in the early 1960s.

The real estate agency is moving definitively to the commercial premises of the Pavillon Fleuri in Blonville sur mer.

In order to pay tribute to the Hoinville family's involvement in the municipalities of Blonville and Benerville, Michel d'Ornano, President of the Basse-Normandie regional council, minister of state, decides to name the seafront street that links Blonville in Benerville "Rue Hoinville".

François and Carol Année-Hoinville

François and his wife Carol are today at the head of the business and perpetuate family traditions in a spirit of transmission and sharing.

For 39 years, François Année-Hoinville has been working on the Côte Fleurie market to best support his clients in their projects.

Surrounded by their 4 sons, more particularly Guillaume who joined the team since 2012 and Charles since 2020. François and Carol wish to continue to develop their business:

"Many changes have taken place within the real estate sector in recent years, and it is essential to be able to offer the service most suited to changes in clientele."


After more than 25 years at 30 avenue Michel d'Ornano, it is at 22, location number 1 in the city that the family business is now established after major renovations. Ideally located a stone's throw from the town hall, the area doubles for more space and comfort, a radical change is taking place. The place is transformed into a warm space combining the authenticity of the old and the charm of the contemporary.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow... always by your side


Purchase, sale, rental, property management, come and share with us your future plans.

Contact :

Année-Hoinville Immobilier
22, avenue Michel d'Ornano
14910 Blonville sur mer

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